Las Vegas Southwest Rotary Newsletter

June 15, 2015

June 29 Speaker


Dr. Nancy Brune

Executive Director, Kenny Guinn Center for Policy Priorities

Dr. Nancy E. Brune is the Executive Director of the Kenny Guinn Center for Policy Priorities, a statewide bipartisan policy center providing independent data on issues of economic development, education, tax and fiscal policy, and natural resource security. She is the author of over 45 peer-reviewed journal articles, reports, essays, blogs, and op-ed pieces on topics ranging from economic security, health outcomes, public sector reforms, energy security, public security, natural resource security, and immigration. Dr. Brune received her Ph.D., Master of Philosophy and Master of Arts degrees from Yale University and her Master of Public Policy and B.A. degrees from Harvard University. She has held research fellowships at Princeton University and the University of Pennsylvania.

Prior to joining the Guinn Center, she was a Senior Policy Analyst at Sandia National Laboratories, where she worked on issues of national security, energy security, homeland security, water-energy-security nexus, and technology and policy. In addition, Dr. Brune served as an Adjunct Senior Fellow at the Center for A New American Security, a bipartisan national security think tank. Previously, she was the Director of Research and Policy, as well as the Director of the Energy Security Policy Initiative at UNLV’s Institute for Security Studies. Dr. Brune has consulted for the Harvard School of Public Health, JPMorgan Chase, the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, and the World Bank. She has taught at the College of Southern Nevada, Nevada State College, and the University of Nevada at Las Vegas.

Upcoming Speakers:

July 6: Dark - July 4th observance

July 13: Randy Pote, District governor, Rotary District 5300

July 20: Club Assembly


Meeting Happenings

Invocation: Adrienne Cox; Photos: Bruce Pope; Mr. Mic: Rich Bowler; Newsletter: Clinton Pope; Raffle Winner: Karl Maisner



Rotarians: Gregg Townsend from Las Vegas Summerlin Rotary Club

Guests: Dayton Blaine, guest of Tom Martin: Michael Kent, guest of Mitchell Horst


Debunking: Troy Lochhead would like to remind everyone that Josh Satterlee's debunking will be at 6 p.m. at Red Rock Country Club, Monday, June 22nd. Everyone should have or will be receiving invitations in the mail.

DACDB Update: Mitchell Horst requested that everyone review the information on the sheet's being circulated for accuracy as the Club is trying to update all information.


Brown-Noser . . . Hank Falstad was given at $25 credit by the president for simply buying him dinner after a Shawn Callahan golf clinic. He asked how his game is after the tutorial and Hank said that he'd been playing for decades with the wrong grip.

Triplets, no problem!  Justin Kalb as asked about his triplets and how he could appear so well rested. Justin said it has been "really easy." For this remark he was recognized $75.

Sleepless in Seattle . . . Fred Fukumoto was recognized $50 for his recent trip to Seattle to see his grand kids. He said the weather was great. Fred was told that his absence was felt as the Club seems lost when he's not around.

Who was the second most recent inducted members? Jordana Lane was asked if she could name the most recent inductee (other than herself) and she took the answer from Justin Kalb who was initially incorrect but then redeemed himself by naming Marcia Rands, whom he had not yet met but Jordana had.

Hong Kong has been very, very good to me . . . Aric Graham was recognized $50 for his recent post-wedding reception in Hong Kong. He said it was great and a lot of fun but different as there was no drinking at the reception and the reception ended with everyone getting in a line and wishing them well as they left.


Joe Lombardo

Clark County Sheriff, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

Elected last November, Sheriff Lombardo spoke to the Club about his vision and the status of the police department. He said that decentrialization of services was to be one of his primary focuses as he felt it would help response times in addressing resident and criminal needs. He also said that his budget had been approved and for the first time in a number of years he had the money to hire new police officers rather than replacements for retirees or those who left the force. He indicated that we only have 1.7 officers per every 1000 residents and the national average it 2.4 officers, that is not including policing the 40 million visitors to the city. He was asked about the recent happenings around the country where departments are facing race issues and he said that Metro learned a lot from the Rodney King incident has have a force that is more reflective of the community although it needed to improve in attracting Hispanic/Latino officers.


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Yours in Rotary Service,

Josh Satterlee
President 2014-2015