Las Vegas Southwest Rotary Newsletter

July 27, 2015

August 3 Program


Dr. Barbara Atkinson, Planning Dean, UNLV School of Medicine

Dr. Barbara Atkinson is an accomplished researcher, teacher and administrator in the fields of medicine and medical education. Atkinson currently leads UNLV's effort to bring a medical school to Southern Nevada.

Before UNLV, Dr. Atkinson was dean of medicine and later also executive vice chancellor of the University of Kansas Medical Center campus,where she revitalized the school’s vision to better serve regional needs. Examples include the opening of a new campus in Salina to address the state’s physician shortage and expansion of the Wichita campus from a two-year program to a full, four-year program. In 2012 the University of Kansas School of Medicine became just the 67th school nationwide to earn National Cancer Institute designation.

An expert in the field of pathology, Dr. Atkinson's early work focused on the identification and characterization of tumor antigens in cells and tissues and to developing techniques to recognize and type tumors.

Dr. Atkinson is a life trustee and a past president of the American Board of Pathology. She was elected to the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences in 1997, and in 2010 was appointed by President Barack Obama to the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues.

Dr. Atkinson has held faculty appointments with the University of Kansas School of Medicine and Medical Center, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Medical College of Pennsylvania (now Drexel University College of Medicine), MCP Hahnemann University, and Allegheny University of the Health Sciences.


• B.A. in Biology, College of Wooster

• M.D. , Jefferson Medical College, Thomas Jefferson University

• Post-graduate work in Clinical and Anatomic Pathology, University of Pennsylvania

• National Institutes of Health fellowship in pulmonary pathology, University of Pennsylvania

• Certified by American Board of Pathology, with qualifications in clinical and anatomic pathology, and cytopathology

Upcoming Speakers:

August 10: TBD

August 17: Kyle Roerink, politics and energy, Las Vegas Sun

August 24: Speak speaker per Mitchell Horst

August 31: Pat Skorkowsky, superintendent, Clark County School District

September 6: Dark (Labor Day

September 14: Jon Ralston, political commentator and TV Host


Meeting Happenings

Invocation: Fred Fukumoto; Photos: Bruce Pope; Mr. Mic: Adam Bowler; Newsletter: Elaine Vinson/Clinton Pope; Raffle Winner: Roll-over


Rotarians: Baron Von Vierthaler from Sumner, Washington


Scholarship Recipient: Kaylee Knowlton came to the Club to accept her semester scholarship of which she thanked the Club.

Feed the Homeless: Tom Martin announced that Feed the Homeless will be the last Wednesday (July 29) of this month at Christs Episcopal Church St. Louis and Maryland Parkway. Please be there by 5:00. There is a need for clothing so please get whatever you can provide to Tom.

Pars for Polio: Mitchell Horst announced that the Club is seeking 2-4 people to play in the area's inaugural Pars for Polio golf tournament. Essentially it is a golf marathon of which the Club and its members will seek pledges. It will be a competition among area Rotary Clubs. If you are interested, please see Mitchell.

Foundation Dinner: January 1, 2016 the District will be holding its Foundation Dinner in Ontario, CA. The President of Rotary International will be in attendance.

Text-a-thon: Mitchell Horst asked everyone at the meeting to text Aric Graham how much they missed them. A few minutes later, Josh Satterlee received a call from Aric Graham where he stated "you got me."


Name the Rotarian: This person likes cruises and hometown is Eclair, Wisconsin. Megan Schimick couldn't get the answer and was recognized $50. The answer was Hank Falstad.

Name the Rotarian: Hank Falstad was then asked who in the Club doesn't have a favorite movie, loves Lake Tahoe and would like the job of "lottery winner." Hank was recognized $50 for incorrect answer. The answer was Megan Schimick. Hank was then asked how many game the Green Bay Packers will win and he said 14.

Our Club golf celebrity . . . Shawn Callahan was asked about his recent television appearances where he was shown to be Hannah O'Sullivan's golf coach and caddied for her in the Women's U.S. Open. He said he had only met her 9 months ago and has risen within the amateur world rankings to #1 in the country and #6 in the world. Josh Satterlee jumped in and said that Shawn had been on numerous television programs. Shawn shot back that Josh had lost a lot of weight and had ran a marathon recently, which is "very hard to do." Sean was recognized $50.

Guest Speaker:

Michelle Layton, executive administrator, Las Vegas Downtown Achieves (LVDA)

Michelle spoke to the Club about the City of Las Vegas' program to improve schools in Las Vegas' inner city. She came to Las Vegas Downtown Achieves a few years ago after seeing a presentation about the program.

She explained that the program focuses on academic success for every student through collective community action.  Nevada demonstrates leadership in urban education and is recognized as a leader in urban education throughout the country. LVDA creates the conditions necessary for children to realize their full potential. More than 60 organizations and community leaders have come together to create a collective that is focused on supporting and enhancing schools in Downtown Las Vegas.

She outlined the problem as too many of our children are living in poverty, are unable to read, write or do math on a grade-appropriate level. These conditions result in a generation of students who drop out of high school and cost our community more than $1 billion in lost lifetime earnings each year, LVDA believes that they all have a moral obligation to improve the economic vitality of Las Vegas community and it begins (and ends) with the academic success of our children. We can’t sit idly by knowing the negative economic impact of this achievement gap – let alone the potentially missed opportunities for students. Therefore, LVDA is committing two valuable resources: time and people. She explained that LVDA partners with education leaders, identify needs, forge new partnerships and consolidate resources from the private, non-profit and public sectors. Through this collaboration, they work to implement systems that better serve our students.



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Yours in Rotary Service,

Mitchell Horst
President 2015-2016