Las Vegas Southwest Rotary Newsletter

February 2, 2015


At the Meeting


Charlene Long, guest of the Club

David Stubbs, Tony Rico, guest of Adrienne Cox


Rotary Youth Leadership Awards: Tom Martin announced to the Club that we are looking for one young woman to send to RYLA on April 17-19. They can be relatives of

Happy Feet: Shawn Callahan updated the Club that this past week's Happy Feet was one of the best attended thank you to Keith Thomas ($10 credit) bringing 10 volunteers from his church. Shawn is currently finalizing the next Happy Feet date.


Birthday girls dream! Karen Stawn was given at $25 credit for bringing Julie Johnston to the meeting. She indicated that she celebrated her birthday in Utah at a quilting convention with a few of her girlfriends. For that she was recognized $75 with an additional credit of $20 for "living dangerously."

Well, well well . . . who do we have here? Julie Johnston made a rare appearance to the meeting. She has been busy with her business and is opening up a weightlifting facility and ninja warrior class. In addition to that, she is organizing the 4-way test speech contest for the Club. Julie was recognized $150.

Another birthday . . . Bruce Pope was recognized $105 ($1.5 per year) in recognition of his 70th birthday. He spent the following Saturday with his son and his family and had pizza and chicken wings.

The invisible "new" car . . . Jack Woodcock was recognized $100 for sitting at a new table, making new friends and, oh yeah, for his "soon to be delivered" Mercedes S63 AMG. Chris Publow was asked how much tires for such a fine automobile would cost Jack and he said quite a bit but he'd give him the "Rotary" discount. By the way, Jack drove to Rotary in a minivan with a broken speedometer and odometer.

Youngin' has a birthday . . . Bryan Dziedziak was recognized $100 for his birthday golf outing and his wife's frequent appearances on Vegas PBS. Josh Satterlee mentioned that it must be a conflict for Bryan to "support" PBS, Bryan said it is something he struggles with. Keith Thomas was the person who saw Bryan's wife on PBS, Super Bowl Sunday, no less, and said he was an avid watcher.

Speedee . . . Wally Emery was recognized $75 for giving a brief update on his Speedee-Mart enterprise. He said that Keith was the type of guy that was always looking for a free car wash. Keith retorted that they don't have his favorite candy bar and Wally shot back that they only carry what sells.


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Guest Speaker


Matthew D. Dovel,

President and Founder, International Suicide Prevention

Matthew Dovel gave a presentation about alternative suicide prevention techniques he has developed and are being implemented throughout the industry. A regular media "go-to" expert on suicide prevention, Matthew spoke to the Club about his personal experience with suicide and some of the myths that surround the problem. He said that many people treat the symptoms and ignore the root problems that create such a drastic measure to be considered. His method is to identify the trauma or series of traumas that place and individual into a suicidal state of mind and world to find a solution to the problem. To learn more about Matthew, International Suicide Prevention and his techniques, please visit


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Yours in Rotary Service,

Josh Satterlee
President 2014-2015