Las Vegas Southwest Rotary Newsletter

February 9, 2015


At the Meeting


Visiting Rotarians:

Randy Pote and Dave Skidgle


Marshall Brooks, Melissa Copeland and her daughter-in-law Jenny, guests of the Club

Brad, Meghan, Sherrie and Shawn Emery, family of Wally Emery


Rotary Youth Leadership Awards: Tom Martin announced to the Club that we will be sending six students this year.

Dan Stover Regional Competition: Mitchell Horst announced that this year's regional Dan Stover music competition will be held at Anthem Country Club on April 24.

Gold Raffle: Mitchell Horst also reminded the Club that this year's "A Golden Night with Las Vegas Southwest Rotary" will be Thursday, March 19 and will be a cocktail party at Southern Highlands Country Club. Members will be encouraged to invite friends and colleagues to attend as guests of the Club. More details will follow in the weeks to come.

Rotarian of the Month

Wally Emery was named February Rotarian of the Month

Wally Emery, a long standing member of Las Vegas Southwest Rotary was recognized as "Rotarian of the Month" for Las Vegas Southwest Rotary Club. Mitchell Horst said that Wally lives close to his family in Anthem Country Club and is a great neighbor. Rebecca Collett Spoke to her experiences with Wally in Corazon, Mexico where both have worked through Rotary on the house building project. She said that everyone involved thinks extremely high of him and he is a great asset not only to our Club but Rotary throughout the District.  His son, Brad, added that his father does so much that goes unnoticed and that he is truly a great man. Wally was extremely appreciative and that he loves Rotary.

Paul Harris Fellow

Past President and former Club member, Melissa Copeland, with her daughter-in-law Jenny, received a Paul Harris Fellow.

When $1000 is contributed to The Rotary Foundation, a request can be made for an individual to be recognized as a Paul Harris Fellow; that person can be a Rotarian or a member of the community who is not a Rotarian.

When a person is recognized as a Paul Harris Fellow, they are presented with a Certificate signed by the Rotary International President and the Chairman of the Trustees of The Rotary Foundation, and a lapel pin and medallion. The contribution to The Rotary Foundation can be made in one sum or by cumulative giving over a number of years. Individuals can make a personal contribution or the contribution can be from a club, a company or business.

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Guest Speaker


Bob Beers,
Las Vegas City Councilman - Ward 2

Las Vegas Southwest Rotary hosted Las Vegas City Councilman, and former Club member, Bob Beers as its speaker. Councilman Beers spoke to the Club about various issues facing the City of Las Vegas including the pending vote for the approval of public funding for a soccer stadium.

A former member of Las Vegas Southwest Rotary Club, Las Vegas City Councilman Bob Beers represents Ward 2. He was previously a member of the Nevada Assembly from 1998 to 2004 and the Nevada Senate from 2005 to 2008. He ran for the Republican nomination for Governor of Nevada in 2006 and, announced that he will seek the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in the 2016 election.

A graduate of Clark High School and UNLV, he is a certified public accountant. In 1989 he founded the computer accounting consultants Wilson, Beers & Alu of which he sold in 2002 and then again founded Beers & Seale in 2008, which he managed till 2012. Before becoming a CPA, Councilman Beers worked as an award winning radio personality and news director for KMJJ.


Rotary Foundation Corner

The Objective of The Rotary Foundation is the achievement of World Understanding and Peace through International Charitable and Educational Programs.

After Polio – What?

At a recent meeting I had the chance to sit with Justin Kalb, who asked me an interesting and pertinent question: “After polio is eliminated, what will the Foundation do for its next project around the world?  How will we Rotarians contribute?”  My immediate answer was that TRF has been planning for this for some time, which is what the “Plus” in PolioPlus is all about; that TRF has been long concerned with the state of world health, and not just in emerging countries/territories, but even here in the United States.  One area of emphasis in the past has been in helping children get vaccinated for all of the childhood diseases for which we have vaccines – particularly important considering the recent outbreak of measles across the US!

Fortunately, the February issue of the Rotarian Magazine has an extensive article on the Ebola outbreak in Liberia, among other countries in West Africa, and how Rotary has been playing a part in the fight.  The Rotary clubs of Monrovia, capitol of Liberia, have been very active in donating time, food, shelter and supplies for both families stricken by Ebola, and medical facilities in desperate need of almost everything to cope with the outbreak.  Hundreds of Clubs around the world have contributed to the Monrovia Club’s efforts through Rotary Ideas, Rotary’s new crowdfunding platform that is found at 

Through PolioPlus, Rotary has laid the groundwork for the response to a disease such as Ebola.  Emergency operations centers serve as the central command for polio eradication activities in northern Nigeria, providing locations for government, Rotary and its partner agencies in the Global Polio Eradication Initiative to pool resources and respond to polio outbreaks. Its staff includes 100 Nigerian doctors trained in epidemiology, and after a Liberian American lawyer collapsed in an airport in Lagos with Ebola, 40 of those doctors were reassigned for a similar command center dedicated to Ebola.

“That’s what the “plus” in PolioPlus has always entailed,” said World Health Organization spokesman Oliver Rosenbauer.  “Whether it is Ebola now, or the drought in the Horn of Africa or the earthquake in Pakistan or the tsunami in Southeast Asia, often it was the polio infrastructure that was front and center for the emergency response.  They know how to work with local institutions, they know what is available locally, and they are based at the grassroots level.”  And Heidi Larson, a senior lecturer at the London School of Hugiene and Tropical Medicine says, “Some of the community mobilization work that Rotary has contributed so much is essential in this.  Rotary can play a valuable role in getting countries back on their feet.”

The Rotary Foundation, and Rotarians all around the world, will continue to play a big role in making ours a better world, long after Polio is eradicated!


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Yours in Rotary Service,

Josh Satterlee
President 2014-2015