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December 5, 2016

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December 12 Program

Lindsay Harper, Executive Director
Core Academy, powered by The Rogers Foundation

Lindsay Harper is the Executive Director of Core Academy, powered by The Rogers Foundation, a not for profit movement that believes all children have the right to reach their full potential and pursue individual success.

Lindsay has a degree in Political Science and Public Administration from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and is a candidate for a Master’s Degree in Public Policy and Administration from Northwestern University. As a second generation Nevadan, Lindsay is passionate about her community and knew from an early age that she wanted to be a catalyst for social justice. After graduating from college, she joined the “I Have a Dream” Foundation as the Executive Director in 2005. Over the past 11 years, Lindsay has been working with our nation’s best and brightest educational minds and social entrepreneurs to develop a comprehensive model that empowers students and breaks the cycle of generational poverty. The Core Model is based on Angela Duckworth’s philosophy that grit is a higher indicator of success than I.Q. and that the issues that children living in poverty face can be negated by long-term, comprehensive care. As the founder of the Core Academy model and a passionate “problem solver,” Lindsay works diligently to ensure that one day all children have the opportunity to reach their full potential.


December 19: Dark (Children's Party)

December 26: Dark (Holiday)

January 2: Dark (Holiday)

January 8: Steve Sebelius, LVRJ Political Columnist (TBD)


Meeting Happenings

Conducting:        Rebecca Collette
Invocation:          Ron Reynolds
Photos:               Ted Henderson (with the able assistance of Keith Thomas)
Mr. Mic:               Mystery!
Newsletter:         Obadiah Dogberry
Guests: Francesca (something, I forgot already – I'm too old – I need to retire) from the LV Club invited everyone to the multi-club “Santa Clothes” shopping event on Saturday (or maybe it was Thursday, I forgot) going on a three different malls. Jim Andres had a guest – Danny Blea – who also helped out at the Feed the Homeless event on Wednesday last week.
Jordan Lane's guest was Joe Wittenweiler – a fellow runner and local loan officer.
Visiting Rotarians:  Cliff Silverstein – Hawaii – He even helped with our Feed the Homeless event last Wednesday, Thanks, Cliff! Charles Dagleish – Lake Charles, LA – 10 year Rotarian – Welcome, y'all.            

Opportunity Village Magical Forest Mystery Bus Tour: Jordana Lane  announced our Opportunity Village project on Friday morning (8:30 a.m.) for the Magical Mystery Bus Tour located at College of Southern Nevada, 6300 W Oakey Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89146.

Tom Martin's Knee: Bruce Pope announced Tom Martin's knee replacement was last Thursday and he is doing well (I guess he is getting so old he lost his knee and he needed to replace it...)  President Rebecca convinced everyone to send him a get well text bomb.

Club Elections and Football Squares: Eric Colvin announced that club elections are coming up and all past-presidents are to meet in the bar immediately after the meeting to discuss the proposed slate of candidates. President Rebecca thanked him and also gave him big time kudos for the great Holiday party last week that he and Jessica hosted at their lovely home.  Football winners this week were Mary Ann Berry and Jim's wife.

Happy Feet: She also said that Happy Feet is tentatively scheduled for next week but she is still working out the kinks.
The ever loquacious Ted Henderson eloquently welcomed two new members to the “Paul Harris” ranks and presented PH Fellowships to Mark Rowley and Sean Tanko.  Ted also congratulated Rotary on scoring 100 out of 100 points on the “Navigator” ranking of non-profits.

Sean, Chris, and Jim, were recognized $10 for no Rotary regalia.

President Rebecca thanked Jim Andres and Adrienne Cox for coordinated the successful Feed the Homeless event last Thursday.  Check out the pictures on our club Facebook page.

Joke of the Day: Dr. Scott Baranoff regaled the members with a joke about a lady named Ethel.
Rotary Foundation:  

Rotary’s “Benefactor” program (A Benefactor is an individual who informs The Rotary Foundation in writing that he or she has provided for the Foundation in his or her estate plan, or who makes an outright gift of $1,000 or more to the Endowment Fund. Benefactors receive a certificate and insignia to be worn with a Rotary or Paul Harris Fellow pin. and “Bequest Society” program (The Rotary Foundation recognizes couples or individuals who have made commitments in their estate plans totaling $10,000 or more. Donors may elect to receive an engraved crystal recognition piece and wearable recognition commemorating the commitment at each new recognition level.
$10,000 to $24,999.99 — level 1
$25,000 to $49,999.99 — level 2
$50,000 to $99,999.99 — level 3
$100,000 to $249,999.99 — level 4
$250,000 to $499,999.99 — level 5
$500,000 to $999,999.99 — level programs.
Paul Harris Fellows: If you are on the waiting list to award Paul Harris Fellows, please schedule a time with Ted Henderson.
PAY YOUR BILL! It's really easy!  Reminder: It is your duty to keep up to date on invoices and up-to-date bills will be sent to all members. The Club recently instituted on-site credit card payment so any member can pay their bill at any meeting. If you don’t know how much you owe, just ask Elaine (she’s keeping a list and checking it twice). __________________________________________________________________________
Gifts for the President: Keith Thomas presented President Rebecca with one earring (since that is her preferred gift this year).  Ok, it wasn't a real was just a lapel pin from the “Tuba City Trading Post” in Arizona near Monument Valley..but you could still use it in a pinch.)  

Drawing:  I forgot to write it down – I just know that it wasn't me!
Speaker: Bryan Dziedzaik, CPA

Our very own Bryan Dziedziak spoke about Obamacare and its future and the state of insurance in general.  Bryan is a CPA of much reknown and an overall good guy.


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Club meetings are Monday's from 12:00pm - 1:30pm at Lawry’s The Prime Rib located at 4043 Howard Hughes Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89169. Please check the Club’s website for meeting times and events at

Yours in Rotary Service,

Rebecca Collett
President 2016-2017