Las Vegas Southwest Rotary Newsletter

March 6, 2017

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    March 13 Program    

Dan Stover Music Competition

Every year, Las Vegas Southwest Rotary Club participates in District 5300's Dan Stover Music competition where we have area high school student musicians compete to represent our Club. In addition, we provide an award for the our Club's winner. In recent years, our student representatives have had tremendous success and our Club may have provided the most winners of any other Club int the district.


March 20: Rob Lang, Brookings Institute

March 27: Virginia Valentine, president, Nevada Resort Association

April 3: Dark (Gold Raffle)

April 10: Jessica (Publow) Baldwin

April 17: Matt Engle, board chair, Las Vegas Natural History Museum




Conducting: President-elect Ron Reynolds; Invocation: Rich Bowler; Photos: Ted Henderson; Mr. Mic: Ted Henderson; Newsletter: Obadiah Dogberry; Raffle: Adrienne Cox


Visiting Rotarians:

Katie Delahunt from the Sheboygan Wisconsin Rotary Club.  Katie is a retired judge looking to return to the practice of law.


Pepe Charles’ guest was Peter George (two first names??) who is in the trade show logistics business.

Adrienne Cox was accompanied by the lovely Addie Graham, the lovely Adrienne’s sister from Apple Valley.




Eric Colvin said that next week will be the “Dan Stover Music Competition” with violins, clarinets, and more.  Always a fun luncheon, be here and be entertained!

Eric Colvin reminded everyone about the Gold Raffle to be held on 4/6 at the Opportunity Village campus on South Buffalo.  Guests are free.  Sell tickets.  Have a good time.  Win lots of gold ($10,000!!!!)  And please sign up to provide auction items.

Karl Maisner invited everyone to attend the next Satellite Club meeting which will be next week.  He will be emailing details.

Karl also announced that the next “Happy Feet” program will be on 3/22/17 at 7:45a.m. at Ferren Elementary School.

Karl reminded everyone that our next “Feed the Homeless” event will be on 3/29/17 at Christ Church Episcopal on Maryland Parkway.  Be there at 5:00 p.m.



Karen Strawn was recognized (with no fine) for celebrating her 53rd wedding anniversary today.  When asked who was more responsible (her or Tom) for keeping it together all those yeaers, she said, “Wow, who knows.  I’m just happy that I married Tom.  He is such a wonderful guy!”  (Well, actually she said something else, but I like my version better.)

Joanne Blystone was recognized (also with no fine) for having nothing at all to do with last weekend’s “One Drop” fundraiser sponsored by Cirque du Soleil.  Joanne eloquently explained the valiant efforts that Rotary is making to try to work with them on water projects around the world.

Keith Thomas was recognized (also with no fine) for his attendance at a recent panel discussion about “Muslims in your neighborhood”, sponsored by the Masjid Ibrahim at Jones and Rancho.

Doug Malan volunteered to be fined $50 in return for announcing that his law firm has been reorganized due to partner departures (retirement, death, etc.) and the sale of their office building and he is now “Of Counsel” with the law firm of Kaempfer Crowell with offices in the Downtown Summerlin office tower. He reports he is busier than ever, has a great view of the valley from his office, and will probably be able to get a lot more done once he is able to figure out the new computer system.

Brian Dziedziak (who was rocking a spiffy new hairstyle) thinks he might have been recognized $100 for suggesting that Doug ought to be fined a larger amount in return for more Gold Raffle tickets.


PAY YOUR BILL! It's really easy!  Reminder: It is your duty to keep up to date on invoices and up-to-date bills will be sent to all members. The Club recently instituted on-site credit card payment so any member can pay their bill at any meeting. If you don’t know how much you owe, just ask Elaine (she’s keeping a list and checking it twice).

Pat Skorkowsky, superintendent, Clark County School District

Superintendent Skorkowsky spoke about new programs in the district as well as the overall state of transition.  For more information on his topic of discussion, please visit to see what he talked about. His talked revolved around four points; Purpose, Picture, Performance, and Participation.


Pass it on...

We encourage you to share this newsletter with your family, friends and co-workers or anyone whom you feel might be interested in Rotary and joining an organization dedicated to building a better world.

Club meetings are Monday's from 12:00pm - 1:30pm at Lawry’s The Prime Rib located at 4043 Howard Hughes Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89169. Please check the Club’s website for meeting times and events at

Yours in Rotary Service,

Rebecca Collett
President 2016-2017