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May 15, 2017

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   May 22 Program    

Rebecca Fitz

Rotary International National Immunization Day Scholarship Recipient, India Trip



May 29: DARK (Memorial Day)

June 5: Brian Wolf, Branch Manger, Manpower

June 12: Norm Clarke, celebrity journalist and columnist

June 19: Randall P. Gabe, Vice President/Gas Resources, Southwest Gas  
June 26: DARK (Debunking)



Conducting: Rebecca Collett; Invocation: Ron Reynolds; Photos: Ted Henderson; Mr. Mic: Chris Publow/Eric Colvin; Newsletter:  Obadiah Dogberry; Raffle: Doug Malan





Sara Doty – Administrative Assistant to Coach Sanchez.

Drew Jennison – Director of Social Media for Coach Sanchez - @unlvfootball

Mike Rogers – guest of Eric Colvin.  Mike (a banker at Meadows Bank) has been to our club a number of times with Eric and it is always a pleasure to have him visit. After introducing Mike, Eric said that Mike is stuck in the 90’s.  When asked why Mike was stuck in the 90’s, UNR graduate and superfan Eric said that Mike is a UNLV graduate and we all know the 90’s were the glory years for UNLV basketball.



Eric Colvin said there would be a short Past Presidents meeting in the bar immediately after the club meeting.  The purpose is to plot the upcoming debunking of our own President Rebecca.  Did I say “plot”?  I meant “plan”!  The tentative date is Friday, June 23rd.

President Rebecca is looking for someone to represent the club at District Conference which is being held May 18-20 in Palm Springs.  She will be out of the state and President-elect Ron will be out of the country.  No excuse, if you ask me, they should have planned their exotic vacations more carefully, don’t you think?  Perhaps, some “recognitions” are in order???  She proceeded to say the President-elect-elect Karl Maisner will be conducting the meeting next Monday in her and Ron’s absence.

President Rebecca reminded everyone that we are dark on May 29, 2017 for Memorial Day.

President Rebecca also reminded everyone that the next Greenspokes meeting will be held on 6/7/17 at the Dziedziak residence.

Tom Martin announced that our next Feed the Homeless/Clothing Drive will be on Wednesday, May 31, 2017 at Christ Church Episcopal on Maryland Parkway.

Tom Martin also announced the club social to be held at Top Golf on 5/26 in the evening. He wasn’t going to announce it since he filled all the open spots (at least for the golfing part of it…you can still come and partake of the libations and other entertainment.)

Ted Henderson (once again never at a loss for announcements) regaled the club with a recitation of the country of origin of each piece of western-themed apparel which he was wearing…all, of course, in honor of the recently celebrated Helldorado Days.  He said his cowboy boots were from Mexico, his finely knit cowboy shirt was from India, his Wranglers were from the good old USA, and his underwear (in a bit of “TMI”) was also from the good old USA. He was wearing a black leather vest also (he didn’t say where it was from.)  Other Rotarians seen at the Helldorado village included Joanne Blystone and our own President Rebecca.  Hmmm.  If they can prove they were wearing cowboy boots, then maybe a “credit” is in order???  As you all know, Helldorado Days is the oldest celebration in Las Vegas (as stated by Ted himself, a native Las Vegan.  Wait, I thought he was a “San Gabrielino” from southern California?


In memory of Howdy, please designate donations to
Please select ""Scripps Diabetes Care and Prevention"" from the drop down menu upon making donation. - See more at:
In memory of Howdy, please designate donations to
Please select ""Scripps Diabetes Care and Prevention"" from the drop down menu upon making donation. - See more at:
In memory of Howdy, please designate donations to
Please select ""Scripps Diabetes Care and Prevention"" from the drop down menu upon making donation. - See more at:


Justin Kalb (who actually stood up even before the announcements) thanked the club for not forgetting about him.  Particularly because work has been so hectic (up 25% over last year, he says, including doing about 85-90% of all the work on the “Dotties” locations, of which there are about 160 around the state now – in fact he said they are working on number 164 right now) and the triplets are so active (he says they are now entering the “terrible twos” and loving their swimming lessons).  Actually I think he just showed up to collect his gold coin which he won at the Gold Raffle.  Not to worry, however, President Rebecca promptly relieved him of $200 for dilatory conduct in attending meetings and for his good fortune at the Gold Raffle.

Fred Fukumoto was asked about his recent 21 day trip “across the pond” to Vienna, Prague, and Paris.  He said the weather was nice and that they usually go to Italy and Spain this time of the year because of the favorable temperatures (must be nice, I’m lucky if I get to go to Pahrump this time of year!)  He, of course, banked a lot of credit with President Rebecca by presenting her with a humongously expensive necklace with an Eiffel Tower pendant which he purchased at the Sacré-Cœur Basilica in Paris, France. When presented with the gift, her comment was “Sacrebleu - Tu es incroyable!”

President Rebecca thanked the club for wearing Rotary pins or Rotary shirts or otherwise displaying some Rotary insignia and asked if anyone was missing said paraphernalia.  Alas, Justin Kalb didn’t get the memo and was promptly relieved of an additional $50.


PAY YOUR BILL! It's really easy!  Reminder: It is your duty to keep up to date on invoices and up-to-date bills will be sent to all members. The Club recently instituted on-site credit card payment so any member can pay their bill at any meeting. If you don’t know how much you owe, just ask Elaine (she’s keeping a list and checking it twice).


We are a 100% Paul Harris Fellow Club!

The Mission of The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International is to enable Rotarians to advance World Understanding, Goodwill and Peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty.

The Objective of The Rotary Foundation is the achievement of World Understanding and Peace through International Charitable and Educational Programs.

Rotary Foundation Recognitions (Part 4 of 4 parts)

The Rotary Foundation has recognition pins that demonstrate the level of each Rotarian’s giving.  These Recognitions are:

Club recognition opportunities  

Every Rotarian, Every Year Club

This banner is awarded to clubs that achieve a minimum of $100 in per Capita giving and 100 percent participation, with every active (dues-paying) member contributing some amount to the Annual Fund during the Rotary year. This annual recognition is awarded at the end of the Rotary year.

100% Paul Harris Fellow Club

In order for a club to be eligible, every active (dues-paying) member must be a Paul Harris Fellow when banner recognition is requested. To obtain this recognition, a club leader contacts the district governor, confirming the club’s eligibility. The district governor then submits a recognition request to The Rotary Foundation. The club receives a banner, and its name is included on the list of 100% Paul Harris Fellow Clubs at This one-time-only banner recognition is awarded throughout the Rotary year.

100% Rotary Foundation Sustaining Member Club

This banner is awarded to clubs that achieve $100 in per capita giving,  In which every active member of the club personally contributes $100 or more to the Annual Fund during the Rotary year. This annual recognition is awarded at the end of the Rotary year.



There were none



Tony Sanchez, Head Coach, UNLV Football

Our speaker was Tony Sanchez, UNLV head football coach.  He filled us in on the prospects for the year (hopeful), recruiting success (the new stadium and, particularly, the new 75,000 square foot training facility will definitely help), his opponents (tough, particularly Ohio State), and on his focus for turning things around (it all depends on “attitude” and “effort”.)  There were many questions and a lively discussion was held.  Thanks, Coach Sanchez, and good luck this year!


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Yours in Rotary Service,

Rebecca Collett
President 2016-2017