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May 22, 2017

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   May 22 Program    

Brian Wolf

Branch Manager, Manpower

Brian joined Manpower in 2000 as the Onsite Operation Manager supporting a complex hiring ramp up for a major financial call center in Las Vegas.  Upon completion of that project Brian transitioned into a technical and professional recruiter role focused on IT, Accounting & Finance, Marketing, Legal, and Engineering.  In his current role as Branch Manager for Manpower’s Las Vegas office, Brian leads a team of experienced staffing specialists and recruiters dedicated to identifying and delivering the best available talent across multiple verticals.  His office excels in recruitment and staffing for a wide variety of positions and industries to include Admin / Clerical, Light Industrial, Call Center, Manufacturing, Gaming, Government, Education, and Professional level searches.


June 12: Norm Clarke, celebrity journalist and columnist
June 19: Randall P. Gabe, Vice President/Gas Resources, Southwest Gas  
June 26: DARK (Debunking)
July 3: DARK (4th of July)



Conducting: Karl Maisner; Invocation: Fred Fukumoto; Photos: Ted Henderson; Mr. Mic: Ted Henderson; Newsletter: Ted Henderson/Clinton Pope; Raffle: Unknown



Michael Bass from Lake Las Vegas Rotary Club and Jeanne Raddle from LV Southwest Rotary Satellite Club


Mike Rogers guest of Eric Colvin

Jeri Malan wife and guest of Doug Malan



Debunking: Eric Colvin announced to the Club that Rebecca Collett's debunking will be held Friday, June 23 at 6:00 p.m. in the Horse arena of Karen Goff's Home with a "Western" theme. NO HEELS (unless they are on cowboy boots!) RSVP by June 19. Anyone with good stories, please contact Eric ASAP.

Feed the Homeless: Tom Martin announced that Feed the Homeless (our quarterly service event) will be on May 30 beginning at 5 at Christ Episcopal Church.

Designated Decoy? Scott Baranoff told a story about a designated decoy for other people leaving a bar . . . hmmmm.


In memory of Howdy, please designate donations to
Please select ""Scripps Diabetes Care and Prevention"" from the drop down menu upon making donation. - See more at:
In memory of Howdy, please designate donations to
Please select ""Scripps Diabetes Care and Prevention"" from the drop down menu upon making donation. - See more at:
In memory of Howdy, please designate donations to
Please select ""Scripps Diabetes Care and Prevention"" from the drop down menu upon making donation. - See more at:


None both President and President-Elect were not in attendance.


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We are a 100% Paul Harris Fellow Club!

The Rotary Foundation Corner

May 29, 2017

We are a 100% Paul Harris Fellow Club!

The Mission of The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International is to enable Rotarians to advance World Understanding, Goodwill and Peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty 

The Objective of The Rotary Foundation is the achievement of World Understanding and Peace through International Charitable and Educational Programs.

Rotary Foundation Doing Good Around the World

In celebration of The Rotary Foundation’s 100th anniversary Rotarians have been celebrating in a  number of ways. Rotarians in Pakistan have arranged for a commemorative postage stamp; in Austria they sponsored a Danube cruise with a portion of the proceeds going to The Foundation; and in Vancouver, B.C. they sold bottles of wine with a label that reads, “100 Years of Doing Good in the World.”  In Arch Klumph’s hometown of Cleveland, OH Rotarians gathered for a banquet to celebrate the centennial and to honor the father of The Rotary Foundation, and raised $2.1 million for our Foundation.

We have shared our success stories with the world.  In 2016, cable news channel CNBC name The Rotary Foundation as one of the “Top 10 Charities Changing the World”, citing our PolioPlus campaign as well as our financial health, accountability and transparency of reporting.  In addition, the Association of Fundrasising Professionals named The Rotary Foundation the World’s Outstanding Foundation for 2016.

Global Grants – Grant in excess of $30,000, usually partnered with another Rotary club and district internationally.  Activities may be carried out individually or in combination – for example one grant may include a scholarship and a humanitarian project.  To date there have been 3,024 grants for a cost of $177.2 million.  These grants include large-scale international humanitarian projects.

The Rotarian, June, 2017“A mother is in labor, and she is frightened.  Her baby isn’t due for three months.  The closest hospital is 30 miles away, and although she makes it there in time, the baby is born weighing only 2 pounds.  And there is another problem – the hospital’s NICU has only 7 incubators, and all are in use, so the baby must be transported to another hospital to receive the critical care he needs.”  Many new mothers were facing similar situations at Dr. Leopoldo Bevilacqua Regional Hospital in Brazil’s Ribeira Valley, where a lack of equipment  meant that some of the hospital’s most vulnerable newborns had to be transferred.  “There are 2 realities here: people who can pay for private hospitals and those who can’t”,” said Lina Shimuzu, who spearheaded the project for the Rotary Club of Registro-Ouro, Brazil.

By partnering on a Rotary Foundation Global Grant with 2 clubs in Nakatsugawa, Japan, Brazilian Rotarians raised $172.500. The funded equipment including 5 incubators for the hospital’s NICU, which nearly doubled the hospital’s capacity to care for fragile newborns.  IN 2013, 129 babies were admitted to the NICU; since completion of the project, the hospital has been able to care for 220 babies per year.

This Global Grant marked a turning point for the Rotarians of Nakatsugawa, who had stopped contributing to international projects after experiencing difficulties on a past grant.  The difference this time was in the relationship between the cities of Registro-Outo and Nakatsugawa, which established a Sister City affiliation in 1980.  “This was initially a project of another Brazilian club, but they spent 5 years trying to find a partner and funding,” said Shimizu.  We were able to implement it in 3 years because of our sister city relationship.”

A group of Japanese Rotarians visited the NICU after the project was completed.  “After 37 years,” said Mitsuo Hara, a member of the Rotary Club of Nakatsugawa, “there is a friendship and bond between Rotary members of both countries.”

And THAT is what Rotary is all about: making a difference in the life of one person at a time, all around the world.



There were none



Rebecca Fitz, International Immunization Day, India Project

Rebecca Fitz, President of the Red Rock Rotary club (New Generation), District 5300 scholarship recipient of the National Immunization Day held in India, valued at $3,000 plus her own commitment of $800.  Rebecca recounted her background in education, service in VISTA, and three years teaching in China, outside of Hing Kong, which led to her being granted the scholarship.  She told of how many applicants for only three scholarships, and the interview process.  She also showed a video taken at the immunization day, and how it was sponsored by the local District and clubs, each year at a different village, and also spoke of the dam they helped to build to catch rain water from the monsoons and store it for later irrigation and drinking water, saving long walks later to the closest wells. There were a number of questions asked and answered. Rebecca stayed after the meeting to answer additional questions.


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Yours in Rotary Service,

Rebecca Collett
President 2016-2017