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June 5, 2017

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   June 5 Program    

Norm Clarke

Celebrity Columnist

Norm Clarke recently retired from the review-journal after 17 years of covering the celebrity beat. 

After joining the r-j, norm quickly built a reputation for getting major scoops — and getting  them right!

Norm’s “Vegas confidential” column has been a must-read and r-j readers agreed: they voted him “best print journalist in 2013 and 2014.  Last year he received the Denver press club’s prestigious Damon Runyon award, that went to Katy Couric the previous year. He also received a “Vegas dozen” award presented by Vegas magazine and Saks fifth avenue.

Before moving to Las Vegas, norm spent 15 years at the rocky mountain news in Denver, where he was a baseball writer, sports columnist and a man-about-town columnist.  

He was named "reporter of the year” at the rocky mountain news for breaking the story that Denver was getting a major league baseball team.

Norm worked for the associated press for 12 years, with stops in Cincinnati, San Diego & Los Angeles. He covered Cincinnati’s back-to-back world championship teams in the 70s. One of his biggest scoops came in 1981 when he broke the story that the 50-day major league baseball strike was over.


June 19: Randall P. Gabe, Vice President/Gas Resources, Southwest Gas  
June 26: DARK (Debunking)
July 3: DARK (4th of July)
July 10: TBD
July 17: Debra March, Mayor, City of Henderson (tentative)
July 24: Clark Dumont, Senior Vice President, MGM Resorts International



Conducting: Karl Maisner; Invocation: Doug Malan; Photos: Ted Henderson; Ms. Mic: Jordana Lane; Newsletter: Obadiah Dogberry ; Raffle: Unknown








Eric Colvin announced Rebecca's debunking will be held Friday, June 23 at 6:00 p.m. in the Horse arena of Karen Goff's Home with a "Western" theme. NO HEELS (unless they are on cowboy boots!) RSVP by June 19. Anyone with good stories, please contact Eric ASAP. Valet parking available.

Jordana Lane (on behalf of Karl) invited everyone to the Satellite Club meeting on Thursday at Sierra Gold on Rainbow and 215 in the upstairs Tahoe Room beginning at 6:00 p.m.

Hank Falstad announced a winemaking class was going to be sponsored by someone at his table…or something like that…I think there were some discussions about the legality of same, although I’m not sure what the issue was…maybe his table had too many glasses of wine before lunch??

President Rebecca forgot to thank everyone for helping at our Feed (and clothe) the Homeless event last Wednesday, May 30, at Christ Episcopal Church. Pictures were even posted on the club’s Facebook page.  And after all the hard work put in by Jim Andres coordinating the food and Tom Martin coordinating the clothes!  Perhaps Her Honor should be accepting a recognition of a goodly amount????

President Rebecca also forgot to thank Tom Martin for coordinating the club social held at Top Golf on 5/26. Hmmm. Are these the waning days of her reign??

Brian Dziedziak reminded everyone that the next Greenspokes meeting will be held on 6/7/17 at his place at 6:30 p.m. Address will be emailed to everyone.


In memory of Howdy, please designate donations to
Please select ""Scripps Diabetes Care and Prevention"" from the drop down menu upon making donation. - See more at:
In memory of Howdy, please designate donations to
Please select ""Scripps Diabetes Care and Prevention"" from the drop down menu upon making donation. - See more at:
In memory of Howdy, please designate donations to
Please select ""Scripps Diabetes Care and Prevention"" from the drop down menu upon making donation. - See more at:


President Rebecca thanked the club for wearing Rotary pins or Rotary shirts or otherwise displaying some Rotary insignia and asked if anyone was missing said paraphernalia.  Joe Witenwiler was caught hiding behind his sunglasses and when it was noted that he did not appropriately display anything Rotary-related, he was promptly presented with a Rotary shirt which he immediately modeled for the entire club. He was then inexplicably given a credit of $25 for all his good works!


PAY YOUR BILL! It's really easy!  Reminder: It is your duty to keep up to date on invoices and up-to-date bills will be sent to all members. The Club recently instituted on-site credit card payment so any member can pay their bill at any meeting. If you don’t know how much you owe, just ask Elaine (she’s keeping a list and checking it twice).


Shar Pittman and Jeanne Radde were both inducted by Jack Woodcock.  See their induction presentations below. Following Jack’s always informative inductions, both were presented with bottles of wine (made by someone at Hank’s table????). Following the obligatory photos, both were invited to speak to the club with no threat of fines.  Both were remarkable for their brevity.

Shar Pittman was born in Chicago in 1950. Shar lived there until 8 years old then moved to Modesto, CA. She is full blood Assyrian, which used to be the whole Middle East. Her ancestors were caught up in the Ottoman Empire massacre and her grandfather moved to the states in 1917.       

Back then they referred to it as Persia. They were Christians and took care of each other, were hard working, remembered their roots, and lived the American dream. Her dad worked at the pump room at the ambassador east hotel in Chicago. It was a place where all the stars came. When she was a kid, her family lived out by Wrigley field surrounded by family and only their own culture. The central point of their lives was the Assyrian Orthodox Church. They spoke the  language that  Jesus spoke. Abraham was Assyrian and from him came the Jews, a very prideful people. Her grandfather spoke 7 languages and was recruited by the British during the war. Don't forget who you are, was ingrained in her from an early age.  They stayed humble and more in tune with what Jesus taught. She has fascinating stories about that time. Her dad and uncle wanted to go west and start a new life.  Modesto was a little town compared to huge Chicago. Her sister had just been born and her dad had to go to San Francisco and only came home on weekends. When she was a junior in high school, they moved to Sacramento. She is the oldest daughter, very responsible at an early age. She also has a sister that is 11 years younger. She graduated from high school in 1968. She met this blonde-haired blue-eyed surfer dude and was first in her family to marry outside their culture. Mark swept her off her feet and they married in 1969.          

He was drafted and joined the air force. He was stationed at McCord in Washington State. After 6 months, he received orders for Vietnam; he was there for a year. She moved back home to Sacramento while he was deployed. She was pregnant. Their first son was born in April 1970. The first time Mark saw their son was in Hawaii on R&R, he had to go back to Vietnam. Upon his return they were stationed at Travis AFB near San Francisco.  It was great to be near her family. He got out of the service in 1973. He used his GI bill and went to Sacramento state. In the meantime she became a dental assistant. He got his masters in social work and went to work at UC Davis medical center. In 1974 they had a second son, Christopher. They then bought their first home.      

She didn’t like looking in people's mouths; however, the family had always said you need something to fall back on. She went back to work in 1977 and became a teller for B of A when it was only in California and worked her way up to branch manager where she managed 109 people and cleaned up branches that could not pass an audit. During this time, she and Mark got divorced and a couple of years later she married a banker. His Company bought a couple of banks in Texas. They moved to Dallas for 4 years and she was recruited by B of A in Texas. They were expanding across state lines and she became part of the conversion from platform to platform. She moved here when they bought Valley Bank to convert to B of A.      They then converted AZ, NM, and all of Nevada. After all of the conversions, she had 28 years with the bank. She was given the choice of branch manager in LV or a severance package. She took the package and moved. The same week she received an offer from M & I data services out of Milwaukee. She was project manager for the company which supported 650 banks and processed everything in the background. She travelled extensively and  loved it. She left that industry and bought a real estate franchise. She had about 80 agents, and closed it in 2012. She is  now living a wonderful life, being a realtor on her own. She has never been more content. She travels, however, she can easily be reached by phone.

Jeanne Radde was born in Benton Harbor, Michigan, and was home until Jeanne was 21. She moved to San Diego where her husband was in the Navy. Upon his discharge in 1996, they moved to Las Vegas. She had a great job in San Diego w/Western International Media. She received a great education in the marketing and media business. Coming from a small town to a big city into a high rise with a great view. It was great. She transferred to LV with the company and continued to work for them for 4 or 5 years. Before the birth of her daughter, Megan, she worked at a car dealership on the administrative side of the business. After Megan, the father of her girls was in the insurance business as an All State agent. She worked customer service and sales. After a few years, they took over a Farmers Franchise. In 2009 they went independent in two ways. She became single and an independent insurance agent. She went under Advanced Insurance as an independent contractor. They supply the appointments, she sells the business. She has a wide range of  insurance related  products from a variety of companies. Business has improved significantly. In the sales business one wants to have most of their clients from referrals. She is happy to say that is now the case. Her other daughter, Amber, is about to graduate from Legacy High School and will be going to college in Benton Harbor and then to Western Michigan University. Amber was  a  year book photographer in middle school. She wants to be a teacher and specialize in early childhood development. Megan is her artist. She is   in middle school and has been commissioned for a few pieces of art. Her goal right now is a booth at First Friday to sell her art. I understand it is amazing how talented she is with adapting modern-day technology into her work. As we can see, both of her daughters are very creative.        

Jeanne and the girls do many things together, a beach camping trip to California every year; they hit the strip occasionally, and go to drive in movies. Her daughters are her proudest achievement. The charity involvement in our community is the appealing part of Rotary to her. She is very impressed with how we are organized as well as the variety of things we do. She has already participated in the Feed the Homeless Event. After Amber's graduation in June and she has moved, she will be able to get more involved. Her goal someday is to retire back to the beach. However, for the next few years until Megan has graduated from college, she is looking to remain right here in Las Vegas and be a part of the LV Southern Rotary Club. Her business specialty is "Hard to Insure Businesses". She does the easy ones too. After all, she is the “Insurance Jeanne”!



There were none



Brian Wolf, Branch Manager, Manpower

Our speaker was Brian Wolfe. Brian joined Manpower in 2000 as the Onsite Operation Manager supporting a complex hiring ramp up for a major financial call center in Las Vegas.  Upon completion of that project Brian transitioned into a technical and professional recruiter role focused on IT, Accounting & Finance, Marketing, Legal, and Engineering.  In his current role as Branch Manager for Manpower’s Las Vegas office, Brian leads a team of experienced staffing specialists and recruiters dedicated to identifying and delivering the best available talent across multiple verticals.  His office excels in recruitment and staffing for a wide variety of positions and industries to include Admin / Clerical, Light Industrial, Call Center, Manufacturing, Gaming, Government, Education, and Professional level searches.


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Rebecca Collett
President 2016-2017